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Classes & Workshops

Our classes are offered through the Emerson Institute. Accredited classes can lead to a practitioner or minister's license.


For students who want credit from Centers for Spiritual Living, for accredited classes, CSL classes are being offered through CSL Asbury Park so students receive credit. Rev Iris and Asbury Park are certified CSL teachers

Coming July 6th-27th
6:30-8:30pm Eastern time

A Way to Pray:
Scientific Prayer
Five steps to your desires

We will explore the five steps of affirmative prayer . We will teach students how we pray so they can use this form for themselves and others.
Are you ready to receive?

The tuition for the class is $80. You will receive a workbook once you register.
You will also receive a confirmation email. Please include your phone number or email it to me if you cannot leave it when you register.

If you have any questions, please call 410-318-8877 or email:

iIf you are not able to pay the full tuition, call the Rev. and we will work out an arrangement. We don't want money to keep you from attending.  410-318-8877

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We ask you to make a commitment to yourself and to the other students if you register. We ask you to complete the entire 4 weeks of the class as students bond and connect and the class takes on its own energy- someone leaving changes this.

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