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Our Mission….

To share the New Thought teaching with others— sharing how to think but not what to think— our goal is to bring divine consciousness and oneness to the mainstream to support people who seek to make a difference in their lives and in our world.

Our Vision.....

    To Create a World that is good for all by:

  • Offering a sacred space, where all are welcome, to hear universal truth principles which are inspiring and empowering. 

  • Creating a community in which one can connect with like- minded people, to share this human journey and be supported, loved and accepted exactly as they are.

  • Providing classes, workshops, socials, service projects and various other opportunities to deepen one’s connection to the Universal energy—we call Spirit--  which is known by many names.

  • Practicing love, forgiveness, compassion and care in all we do.

  • Doing good work in the local community to support and lift others in knowing the truth of who they are—divine spiritual beings having a human experience—awakening to ALL possibilities.

  • Acting locally and impacting globally with the knowledge that ALL LIFE is connected in the great web and each affects the other.

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