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Membership in our community is FREE to anyone with an interest. It means you are ready

to participate in some or all of these ways:


  • Commitment to your own spiritual and personal growth;

  • Acceptance of and agreement with the teaching and vision of our center;

  • Regular attendance at Saturday services;

  • Members will take on some functional responsibility in the community such as volunteering on Saturdays with greeting, hospitality, facilitating a meditation or bringing a reading to share. They could also serve in other ways: planning/executing social activities, or fund raisers, working on our marketing or public relations, becoming a board member. This can be discussed with our spiritual leader and/or board members. Hopefully, there will be an area in which you feel called to serve.

  • Financial support of our center—at the level you are able and comfortable with, which is an expression of Spirit and a participation in the law of circulation;

  • Knowing you have been called to this path and desire to grow in consciousness and learn more about principles we teach and practice.



To become a member, one must attend the FREE Discovery* class which is offered periodically during the year. In addition, voting members are expected to support the center both by serving (in one of many opportunities) as well as financially to the degree that they are comfortable. Following the completion of the discovery class, the individual will be asked to declare their intent to be a member by signing a membership form and pledge card. The class lasts about 1 1/2 -2 hours and will be announced. 

Anyone who attends our Saturday services on a regular basis is considered a "member" of our spiritual family. Proclaiming 'formal' membership allows you to vote at our meetings, serve on our board and may provide discounts on some of our offerings. We think it is best for one to participate at our center for a minimum of 6 months before declaring formal membership.

* Our discovery class is offered at various times throughout the year. It is free. It explains who we are, what we teach, how we operate, our finances and more. It is open to all who have an interest.

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