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Our virtual gathering at 10:15am eastern time every Saturday morning

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Meeting ID: 621 494 9404  and password: celebrate  or dial by your  location  

 1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)  +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)   +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)  


Meeting ID: 621 494 9404 password: celebrate

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Do you have an instinctive knowing that there is more to our universe than meets the eye? Do you recognize that man/woman is not the creator of all that exists?  Do you seek a better understanding of this? There is something within you pushing you to find the answers; this is an urge over which you have no control. This is the soul. You are a soul, a divine spark of Spirit on a journey. We believe there is only ONE invisible something behind all that is and all that ever will be. We call it: Spirit, Life Force, God, Creator, Intelligence, Divine. While it may  be called many names, we believe it is the essence of LOVE.


We are a New Thought philosophy that brings religion, philosophy and science together and offers spiritual tools to transform personal lives and help make the world a better place. This is done through the study and practice of Science of Mind® and Spirit, also known as Religious Science®, which holds that all life is sacred—that each human being is an expression of Spirit. We believe in Cause and Effect and teach that “it is done unto you as you believe.” In essence, our thinking and expectations create our reality. Our teachings incorporate the ancient wisdom of spiritual traditions through the ages. People of all spiritual paths — Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and others — are welcome in our communities. We help people experience a personal relationship with the creator; promote a community of tolerance, understanding and respect; provide classes, programs, prayer and meditation, service opportunities; and advocate a safe spiritual community of like-minded people interested in living a spiritual life.

Our center a multi-generational, multi-cultural group of seekers-- exploring truth principles and this human journey--seeking ways to apply principles in our lives to experience more joy, peace, love and prosperity. We want to nurture a relationship with the Divine.  Instinctively, we know we are connected to a Source far greater than we and can tap into this creative power to use it in our lives.


ICSC is a family community in every sense of the word. Here you are welcome exactly as you are, no matter your gender, color, sexual orientation, disability, age, size or level of sobriety. You will find acceptance without judgment whether you are celebrating a success, questioning a life circumstance or grieving a loss.

It is our intention that as you enter our doors, you find a sense of peace and belonging…that almost indefinable experience of feeling like you’ve “come home".


Are you ready to co-create a whole new world? Willing to take the next step in your own personal growth? Seeking to join with others committed to doing the same? Then you are in the right place!


Join us any Saturday at 10:15 am for our

Soulful Saturday Service

in Pikesville, Maryland

Location & Directions found here


Please join us as we plant roots and grow. Led by metaphysical/ New Thought minister, Rev. Iris Sauber, we offer various opportunities to consciously evolve and awaken to your spiritual magnificence and be part of a family of like-minded people -- an invitation we extend to everyone.

There is a "golden thread", a harmony of all major religions and spiritual philosophies, found at the core. We refer to this mystical core as the Ageless Wisdom, the Perennial Philosophy, or the Eternal Way. These spiritual principles are the cornerstone of our teachings at the Center.

Join a spiritually conscious group of individuals committed to creating a peaceful global family guided by love.  Give us one Saturday; you'll feel like you've come home!


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One Sky, Many Stars

Welcome Home

 .BE IT RESOLVED, that Inspiration Celebration Center publicly proclaims and acknowledges itself to be an open and affirming denomination, where all persons are recognized, accepted and affirmed as unique, precious, and valued expressions of the Whole, of Spirit, regardless of sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic class, ability, creed, size, shape, or any other apparent condition of the human experience because we know the life of every person is the life of God. ICSC is a 501C3 non profit. All work is done by volunteers and all donations
are tax deductible.


Our door is always open;

You are

welcome here.